Portable Traffic Light Compact

The Portable Traffic Light Compact (PTL Compact) provides a quick, simple solution for controlling traffic but more importantly, operators are kept at a distance and safe from traffic while it moves through temporary work zones.

The PTL Compact is easy to transport, lightweight and can be set up and operational in three simple steps. The PTL Compact only requires one person for set up and operation - a considerable cost saving. It can be controlled effortlessly via PTL handheld remote, with no pairing required.

Each PTL Compact consists of a battery-powered base box topped with pole-mounted traffic lights. The added weight of the battery at the base of the unit means it is more stable, often not requiring the use of sandbags. A wireless signal is used to link the two Compact PTL units with a remote control held by a single operator. With repeated presses of a single button on the remote control unit, a sole operator can manage traffic through a worksite.

  • Provides a safe work site - remote control allows operators to be located safely away from traffic
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to transport – fits in a small commercial vehicle
  • Quick three step set up - installed and operating within minutes by one person
  • Battery powered - no external power source required
  • Labour saving - only one operator required to control the traffic flow at both ends of the work zone, saving costs
  • Radio Frequency range: 500m line of sight
  • Radio Frequency: 900MHz
  • Base width: 2117mm
  • Height: 2820mm maximum