PowerStack Off-Grid Security (CCTV)

Security has evolved over the years and so has the way it is deployed. Off-grid video surveillance columns (CCTV) allow for simple, fast and flexible installation of almost any security apparatus and provide on-demand visual access to virtually any location 24/7. They are a cost-effective and scalable solution when grid power is unattainable or too costly to bring to a site and increase overall safety and deter/reduce crime.

Solar-powered security columns for virtually any outdoor application: Retail or industrial businesses, office parks, parking lots, school campuses, public parks, beaches, recreational areas and community spaces.

Configured off-grid vertical solar

By simply adding and removing modules a PowerStack Column can be configured to deliver up to 98 watts of power continuously at any location on the planet. Each PowerStack Column is a self-contained, solar power generator incorporating the latest lithium-ion battery technology and driven by smart charging electronics integrated directly into the unit. Applications are virtually unlimited.

The benefits of off-grid vertical solar:

  • Zero costs to trench for grid power or install meters
  • No electric bills
  • Easy to install: Columns come 98% assembled and can be installed in as little as 30 minutes
  • Utilises the latest renewable clean energy technology
  • Reduces air pollution and produces no greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces water usage
  • Reduces dependence on non-renewable energy sources
  • Helps fight climate change
  • Grid alternative
  • Great for Green Initiatives and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points for new projects
  • 12v DC (24v DC available upon request)
  • 10-year warranty
  • Five-day power backup
  • Arrives on-site 98% assembled
  • Bluetooth & WiFi enabled
  • Taproot foundation and pole installation in under 30 minutes
  • No heavy machinery needed
  • Highly vandal resistant
  • Manufactured using 6000 series T6 aluminium extrusion
  • Cutting-edge glassless solar panels
  • Lithium batteries
  • Can deliver up to 98 watts of power continuously, anywhere

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PowerStack provides endless possibilities

Intelligent design, expert engineering, global solutions.

Deployed communications

Communications for the Smart Cities Urbanscape provides essential data for safety and greater production capabilities to businesses. Powerstack allows you to rapidly deploy teleCommunications, WIFI HotSpots, Cellular repeaters, Wireless connection of autonomous vehicles and Radio Intelligence in minutes, Staying connected 24/7… Ask us how!

Off-the-grid power.

The busy urban landscape means that grid charging isn’t always available, isn’t economically viable and isn’t sustainable. PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy off-grid Charging stations for phones, iPads, e-Bikes, e-Scooters, drones and more… Ask us how!

Total site monitoring.

PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy monitoring technology, providing essential traffic, people counting, weather, environmental sensors, securing assets, number plate recognition, Proximity sensors and AIOT anywhere the sun shines… Ask us how!

Illuminating critical areas.

Illuminating critical areas (cable free) allows for a safer community. PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy off-grid lighting assets for car parks, walkways, roadways, even tunnels in 28 minutes… Ask us how!