CSP is the sole distributor for Super•Cor® in New Zealand, manufactured by Atlantic Industries Limited (AIL).

Combining the advantages of lightweight construction with the superior strength and durability of galvanised steel, Super•Cor®is the most internationally accepted and widely used corrugation profile on the market.

The larger annular corrugations of Super•Cor®(381mm pitch and 140mm depth) provide nine times the stiffness of conventional structural plate.

Super•Cor®is the sensible economic choice for:

  • Vehicle underpasses
  • Bridges
  • Railway underpasses
  • Box culverts
  • Underground storage
  • Stream enclosures/crossings
  • Fauna underpasses
  • Mine portals
  • Versatile - the corrugation profile allows for spans in excess of 25m
  • Durable - properly designed structures with a heavy galvanised coating will last over 100 years
  • Strong - the larger annular corrugations (381mm pitch and 140mm depth) provide nine times the stiffness of conventional structural plate
  • Environmentally responsible - bottomless structures offer the least disturbance to the environment on installation
  • Maintenance free - properly installed, the structures are relatively maintenance free
  • Ease of handling - lightweight sections are economical to ship and easily handled
  • Cost - low installation and maintenance costs over the life cycle of the structure makes Super•Cor™ an economical choice

Note: Multi-plate structures are not stocked items. A lead time for manufacture can be provided following the design and consultation process.

  • Material specifications in ASTM A761 and CSA G401-06
  • Section properties and seam strength values in ASTM A796, AASHTO and CSA Bridge code
  • Included in AS/NZS 2041.2011
  • Plate thickness from 3.5mm to 8mm
  • Galvanised zinc coating from 915gm/m2 to 1220gm/m2 (total both sides)
  • Design life to suit your project, up to 125 years
  • Variety of footing options available to suit various sites
  • End finishes come in: squared, bevelled, partially-bevelled and skewed
  • For detailed specifications, see the Super•Cor® brochure
  • As well as standard structure shapes featured in the brochure a site-specific shape can be designed to suit your clearance envelope
  • CSP can provide full structure, backfill and foundation designs for Super•Cor® structures

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