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NEW Barrier Manual 2021

A NEW version of the much requested CSP® Barrier Manual is now available online.

It features all our new products including:

plus a lot more!

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CSP® telecommunication tower designed for high winds

The upgrade to the telecommunications network for the Chatham Islands commenced in April with the Rural Connectivity Group once again calling on trusted partner CSP® to design and manufacture the telecommunication towers. 

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CSP® Introduces Connected Kerb to NZ at eworld expo

At the recent eworld expo held at the Trusts Arena in Henderson Auckland, CSP® introduced the Connected Kerb electric vehicle (EV) charging system from the UK, to the NZ market. The exhibition is a trade and public exhibition covering a wide range of electric vehicles from scooters through to coaches, along with supporting systems needed to enable New Zealand to reach its goals over the next 10 years.


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​​Two temporary worksite lighting options from CSP Hire®

As we fast approach the shortest day of the year and less daylight hours, CSP Hire® can provide two temporary lighting solutions to make your work site safer. Choose between:

Solar Light Trailer (Portable)

Designed to meet the rigours of heavy use, the Solar Light Trailer offers 400 watts of emission free, silent, powerful lighting for working in the dark. With no disruption to the neighbours or the need to refuel the Solar Light Trailer will make your life easier.

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Portable Solar Lighting (30W and 100W) 

Our range of concrete based portable solar lights enable you to adjust your lighting as your project site changes for a safe and an optimal work environment.  With two wattage options - 30W (LED) and 100W (LED) - they come on when it’s dark and go off when it’s light. Noise and emission free, they are easy to install with no wiring required.

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Need a temporary crash cushion option?

Available ex stock for concrete and asphalt installations, the Universal TAU-M™ is a redirective, non-gating, partially reusable crash cushion designed to meet MASH TL-3 and TL-2 testing requirements - all in a compact design.


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CSP® partners with Masterspec

Masterspec is New Zealand’s leading provider of digital construction information and tools for the design and construction industry. With Masterspec specifications being used for around $9B worth of building and construction every year, CSP® is happy to announce that selected products from our range are now available through the Masterspec service: Multi-Plate, Acoustic Barriers, Highway Barriers, and Streetlighting.

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What's happening at CSP® 

  • Unstable global steel supply
  • Electric vehicles are our future

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