20 May 2021

A word from Neil – May 2021

Unstable global steel supply

As we head into the winter months the global supply of steel is creating some major headaches for us all. The media has focussed on the effect the shortages are having on the housing market however the current situation is affecting every business that relies on a consistent supply of imported steel product. As well as the global shipping issues and the back-logs at New Zealand ports, we now have many steel mills producing less – the lowest volumes seen since 2008. The flow on effect is that when the steel does become available, prices have spiked to levels not seen for a long time.

This will inevitably result in higher prices for finished goods for a period of time. But hopefully over the next 6 – 12 months the mills will return to full capacity which should help settle both pricing and availability.

Electric vehicles are our future

CSP® recently exhibited our Connected Kerb Electric Vehicle Charging system at the eworld exhibition in Auckland. You can probably imagine we had some very interesting and different conversations compared to our normal day-to-day queries about barriers and lighting columns.

This is an area that New Zealand businesses urgently need to act on to prepare for the volume of electric cars that will be mandated by the New Zealand Government. CSP® firmly believes that infrastructure needs to be installed now as pavement works and developments are being completed, rather than a rushed response to demand which will definitely come over the next few years. Talk to us if you have any projects that you need help with or advice regarding your EV charging options.

There are exciting times ahead for CSP®. We will have some new faces in the team shortly which I will introduce to you in the next edition of Road Rave.

As always please feel free to contact me should you require my assistance.

Neil Watson

Head of CSP®