Sound Walls

Lightweight, easy to install, cost-effective, made from PVC and engineered for maximum sound reduction of environmental or ambient noise.

Suitable for:

  • Industrial, commercial and institutional noise – Commercial developments, hospitals, schools and universities, loading docks, distribution facilities and manufacturing plants.
  • Roof-top, equipment and machinery enclosures – HVAC units, generators, chillers, cooling towers, oil & gas, hydro, compressors, sub-stations and water/wastewater.
  • Transportation – Highways, bridges, rail, airports, bus terminals and residential.

Waka Kotahi approved product list

Sound Wall - Silent Protector® (Absorptive)

Introducing the Sound Wall Silent Protector - an advanced acoustic bar...

Sound Wall – Tuf-Barrier® (Reflective)

Discover the innovative Sound Wall TufBarrier by CSP, a cutting-edge a...