Sound Wall - Silent Protector® (Absorptive)

Lightweight, easy to install and cost-effective, Sound Wall from AIL, industry leaders in sound mitigation, is made from PVC and engineered for maximum sound reduction of environmental or ambient noise - such as traffic, manufacturing, industrial or commercial noise - for absorptive or reflective applications.

Suitable for:

  • Industrial, commercial and institutional noise – Commercial developments, hospitals, schools and universities, loading docks, distribution facilities and manufacturing plants.
  • Roof-top, equipment and machinery enclosures – HVAC units, generators, chillers, cooling towers, oil & gas, hydro, compressors, sub-stations and water/wastewater.
  • Transportation – Highways, bridges, rail, airports, bus terminals and residential.


Our turn-key solutions include engineering, manufacturing, project management and site assistance.

  • Meets accelerated test requirements for durability
  • Made of UV resistant PVC it is impervious to rain and snow
  • Lightweight making installation quick and easy
  • Repairs after impacts, vehicle or otherwise, are simple and quick
  • Includes the highest percentage of recycled content available
  • Will not rust, rot or stain
  • Resistant to fire – testing info available on request
  • Maintenance-free
  • Designed to meet applicable design codes (AASHTO, IBC, CSA)
  • Wind load tested for hurricane-force winds
  • Bespoke designs can be added as bolt-on panels
  • PVC absorptive sound barrier wall system with acoustical mineral wool
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.95
  • Absorbs unwanted noise
  • Silent Protector Plus® offers STC 39 and NRC 0.90, contact us for details
  • Six colour choices
  • Can be used with Sound Wall - Silent Protector®

NB: Panels are not stocked in New Zealand. Following design approval, a confirmed lead-time will be supplied ex-Canada. Steel columns will be fabricated in New Zealand allowing quick installation of the structures ahead of panel delivery.

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Currently no Standards and Approvals specified for this product.