Margaritelli Aesthetic Safety Barrier Systems


The Margaritelli family has more than a century of experience in working with a precious and noble material such as wood. This has led to the birth of the Esterni Eterni products.

Essential lines and refined designs, careful selection of raw materials, advanced processing technologies: these are what distinguish the Esterni Eterni line.

Thanks to their unmistakable aesthetic value, the street furniture and barriers beautify the areas where they are installed. Thus they are especially suited for use when the need to have adequate protection for street users must be combined with respect for the artistic, historical and landscape aspects of the setting.

Esterni Eterni products are made exclusively with CE marked fir laminated wood, which guarantees great continuity and reliability of resistance characteristics.

Our safety barrier has been awarded the CE conformity certification, as well as the Chain of Custody according to the PEFC Forest Certification scheme.

Along with wooden safety barriers, Esterni Eterni offers a wide range of street furniture products such as parapets, railings, cycle path barriers and bollards.

Esterni Eterni - so beautiful that sometimes we forget how safe they are.


Margaritelli offers a complete range of EN 1317 crash tested roadside barriers including products from the N2 up to the H2 containment level.

All the barriers have small side dimensions, simple and pleasant design features; hence their simple installation, with excellent aesthetic results, on mountain and hill roads as well as urban roads to be enhanced.

Our barriers have been designed together with skilled installers to obtain a good product that is versatile also during the installation phase; being made up of a limited number of components, they are easy to install and can be simply adapted to changes in camber and steepness of the road which is to be protected.

Margaritelli also offers Bridge Safety Barriers and Motorail for motorcyclist protection; full information and details of these products can be found on this page.

Please contact Steve Silby for more information:
Steve Silby – National Specification Manager

+64 27 327 7985

  • Eco-friendly: Esterni Eterni features the first PEFC certified safety barrier in Italy. Margaritelli supports the sustainable management of forests.
  • Refined: smooth surfaces, rounded edges and a processing carried out by numeric-controlled machines. The pursuit of quality comes first.
  • Simplicity: composing of only a few elements, our safety barriers can easily be installed. This aspect of the product improves the manageability of the worksite.
  • Versatile: products are developed in cooperation with qualified installers therefore ensure high versatility on the construction site. Bends and slopes are not a problem.
  • Technology: use of laminated wood only. The homogeneity, repeatability and reliability of the performances are the main elements in the manufacturing of road safety barriers.
  • Durability: wood is treated under void-pressure in autoclave to ensure through impregnation using ecofriendly preserving copper and boron based products.
  • Treatment: a superficial impregnation treatment using water-based pigmented products protects the surface from harmful UV rays effect. This process enhances the natural beauty of the wood overtime.
  • Resistance: the exclusive use of Corten steel combines extraordinary durability with aesthetical value creating the perfect blend of wood and oxidized steel colour.
  • CE Marking: we produce road safety barriers in compliance with the harmonized standard EN 1317- Parts 1, 2 and 5, and accompanied by certificate of constancy of performance and CE marking.
Safety BarrierDestination Containment Level Post Spacing (m)Working width (m)Dynamic Deflection (m)
H1BL-01Road SideMASH TL-231.71.5
H2BL-01Road SideMASH TL-321.71.5
H2BP-02Bridge SideMASH TL-421.81.5

NB: Product is imported from Italy on a job by job basis. No stock is held in New Zealand. A lead time will be provided at time of quotation.

  • EN 1317- Parts 1, 2 and 5, and accompanied by certificate of conformity of performance and CE marking.
  • CE conformity certification, as well as the Chain of Custody according to the PEFC Forest Certification scheme.