MASH TL-2 Lo-Ro Water Cable Barrier System

The MASH TL-2 Lo-Ro Water-Cable Barrier System is designed for applications where a low barrier deflection is required. The durable design of the MASH TL-2 Lo-Ro Water-Cable Barrier's interlocking knuckles minimises rotation between modules to ensure maximum stability and means the system offers one of the lowest deflections of any MASH TL-2 Water-Filled Barrier of just 3.6m. Perfect for all 70kph workzones with speeds up to 70kph. It also comes with its own impact sled.

Each module has three galvanised steel cables that minimise vehicle penetration into the work zone. With a low profile there is also increased visibility for motorists.

The SLED Lo-Ro is a MASH TL-2 tested End Treatment for Lo-Ro barriers.

  • MASH approved to TL-1 and TL-2 (70kph)
  • Approved by NZ Transport Agency
  • Moulded-in stacking lugs for easy transport and storage
  • Does not require any external steel for module assembly
  • Rotational moulded plastic modules are manufactured from specially formed material designed to be durable and will attenuate when impacted
  • Module sections are made from 14 mm energy attenuating plastic which reduces nuisance impact damage and the potential for vandalism

System Deflections

Impacting vehicle 2,270kgDeflection (m)
Design impact speed25°20°15°10°
70 kph*
60 kph2.
50 kph*
40 kph1.
30 kph1.
* Deflection values from MASH testing

Module Specifications

  • Length: 1.93m
  • Height: .91m
  • Width: .57m
  • Weight empty: 72.5kg
  • Weight full: 688kg

Containment Impact Sled Specifications

  • Length: 2.254m
  • Height: .91m
  • Width: .68m
  • Total Weight: 771kg

Currently no Standards and Approvals specified for this product.