Telecommunication Poles and Masts

CSP’s range of Telecommunication Masts and Poles, manufactured here in New Zealand, can be used in a wide range of applications. From an urban Roadside Pole (up to 20m in height) to Monopoles and Stayed Masts (up a 40 and 45m) for the tops of mountains - CSP has a Telecommunication structural solution, or can design a one, to suit your needs.

  • Roadside Poles are a slim profiled, compact and visually unobtrusive pole for use in urban areas. Our range includes single or multiuser Roadside Poles that can be designed to suit the latest technology and are available up to a height of 20m.

  • Monopoles are the perfect solution where space is limited and a slimmer profiled structure may be required. Used for cell phone signal reception and transmission, AM and FM radio transmission, local Wi-Fi networks and more … Telecommunication Monopoles from CSP are available in heights up to 35m.

  • Stayed Masts can be designed and engineered so dishes, antennae and supporting ancillaries can be mounted. Our engineers can design the mast to cater to high-wind zones and loading, rough terrain and environmental and weather conditions. Made from hollow low-alloy, high strength steel, Telecommunication Stayed Masts are available in heights up to 40m.

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