Trailing End Terminals

Flexrail End Treatment (Departure End)

A Trailing End Terminal as the name suggests, should only be used on the trailing end of the Flexrail. The purpose of the Trailing Terminal is to anchor the end of the Flexrail to keep the tensile strength in the Flexrail. A Trailing End Terminal has shown to be the most effective, low cost termination for Flexrail.

The Trailing End Terminal comes in two versions, Straight or Curved.

  • For use as a trailing terminal on divided roads only where there is no chance of the end being hit in a head on situation eg. motorways and expressways. The purpose of the STT in this situation is to anchor the end of the Flexrail.
  • CSP recommends the use of a Bullnose on the CTT, however, it may also be used with a Rolled End Fitting. We do not recommend the use of a Fishtail where there is a chance it could be hit in a head-on situation.
  • For use also where there is no room on the road edge to offset using a CTT.

The Trailing End Terminal offers specifiers, installers and users all of these advantages -

Quick and easy to install

  • No extra tools required
  • Standard post spacing (1905mm) means quicker set-up time
  • 5mm gauge steel soil tube which is less prone to damage during installation or after a vehicle impact
  • Length: 3.81
  • Offset: (On the CTT only) 0 to 335mm
  • Post Spacing: 1905mm

Both Trailing End Terminals meet AS/NZS3845:1999, and TNZ M23 when used in a trailing situation on state highways. The CTT used in a leading situation does not comply with any current NZ Transport Agency standards and can only be used in special cases for low volume, low-speed local authority or private roads. For more information please contact CSP on 0800 655 200.