Fixed Stadium and Area masts (20m–70m)

In addition to our base-hinged range of masts, we also offer a wide range of Abacus fixed masts for large-scale floodlighting. With over 50 years of engineering experience on projects all over the world Abacus masts deliver a range of proven solutions for sports stadia, ports and wind turbines.

Please contact Steve Silby for more information:
Steve Silby – National Specification Manager

+64 27 327 7985


Designed for specific applications by considering:

  • Wind levels in the proposed locations.
  • Aesthetic options such as ’designer’ headframes.
  • Location of control gear and protection equipment.

A range of access methods for maintenance:

  • External ladder access with optional rest platforms.
  • External access using the manrider elevator system.
  • Internal access, with a ladder running up the inside of the mast.
  • External access by means of crane and basket.
  • Masts above 20m are made from friction-fit tapered polygonal shafts - typically 18-sided for minimum wind resistance.
  • Masts are hot-dip galvanised to ISO EN 1461.
  • Foundations - Part of our mast-design service includes providing a mast foundation reference, which can be cross-referenced in our standard foundations guide. This will indicate the dimensions and volume of concrete and steel required to support your mast in situ. See High Mast Foundation Designs