Security Bollards

Fixed security bollards come in a variety of heights, designs and capabilities and are primarily used as a guide for vehicles to direct where they can or can’t go. Used to manage traffic flow, protect pedestrians and property, and the general public’s safety, choosing the right bollard for your needs is an important decision.

CSP can help you choose a security bollard from our range that is designed to suit your needs. Whether that be a surface-mounted, low-impact security bollard or an in-ground crash-tested security bollard that can withstand high-speed vehicle impacts. Talk to one of the CSP team today to discuss the right security bollard system for your needs:

The Low Impact Security Bollard from CSP is available as either surface-mounted (flanged) or in-ground (ground planted). It is a security bollard that is quick and easy to install - bolted to asphalt or concrete, or in-ground. It is a cost-effective, visual and physical deterrent, perfect for:

  • Segregating traffic from people
  • Protection of products (and people) in indoor situations such as warehouses
  • Protecting the corners of buildings
  • Preventing vehicles or possessions from being stolen
  • Marking of perimeters.

The OmniStop™ Ultra Security Bollard is an inground, crash-tested security bollard option. Offering all the above and more this bollard has been crash tested and offers protection against errant vehicles which are small to medium in size - up to 1600kgs travelling at 60kph.

The OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard is an inground, crash-tested security bollard option. This bollard provides all the protection of the OmniStop™ Ultra but is suited to higher-risk areas such as high-density pedestrian spaces and property at risk from high-speed vehicle impacts or ram raids. The OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard has been crash tested to stop an errant vehicle weighing up to 2270kg travelling at 50kph.

OmniStop™ Ultra Security Bollard

OmniStop™ Ultra Security Bollards are an in-ground, crash-tested sec...

OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard

OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollards are an in-ground, crash-teste...

Low Impact Security Bollard

CSP's Low Impact Security Bollards provide high-security protection wh...