OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard

OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollards are renowned for quality, performance and reliability. These bollards have been designed, built and crash tested with three things in mind: security, affordability and ease of installation.

The OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard also provides affordable protection and acts as a deterrent in higher risk areas such as protection for high-density pedestrian areas and is designed to stop an errant vehicle up to 2270kg travelling at 50kph.

The OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard features a 20.5mm wall thickness with a diameter of 150mm.

  • Fully crash tested to stop errant vehicles
  • Protects pedestrians and assets
  • Available ex stock in white and in stainless steel with a 12 week lead time
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the vehicle's occupants
  • Energy-absorbing bollard
  • Allows pedestrian flow
  • Easy installation
  • Easily replaced post impact
  • Affordable

SpecificationsBollard onlySleeveReo Cage
Diameter150mm1.55mm I.D
1.65mm O.D
Length 1450mm500mm1650mm
Weight 94kgs113kgs