Seesaw Masts

The Hinged Seesaw Mast range of street lighting and floodlighting columns from CSP, also known as Breakback, Centre Hinged and Seesaw Poles, provides the user with a simple, safe and effective method to maintain luminaires at ground levels. They are most suitable where height and location factors present constraints for luminaire maintenance work to be carried out effectively.

Seesaw Masts eliminate the need for an elevated work platform, cherry picker or safety climb system, reducing ongoing pole maintenance costs. Lighting, security, communications, and other equipment can be maintained safely and effectively using the pole’s simple mechanical lowering device, which can be operated by one or two people.

The masts are accurately balanced and are ideal for single-handed maintenance work and require only a length of rope and an Allen key for operation.

Working at height is a thing of the past with a Hinged Seesaw Mast from CSP.


• Designed and manufactured to your requirements in Auckland NZ

• Suitable for use with Luminaires, CCTV, Mobile Antennas and Microwave dishes

• Base designs available:

• Ground planted (Supplied with an epoxy coating for increased inground protection)

• Hold Down Assembly (In conjunction with a foundation design)

• Ground Stub (Supplied with an epoxy coating for increased inground protection)


• Height Range: 5-30m

• Head Weight: Up to 200 kgs (Design parameters apply)


• AS/NZS 1170 – 2021 (Windage and load calculations)

• AS/NZS 4680 – 2006 Hot Dip Galvanising