With patented hybrid technology and unique connectors, the MASH HV2 BARRIER offers high containment and low deflection upon impact providing work-zone protection to temporary construction sites. With no time-consuming anchoring required, this barrier has been successfully tested to MASH TL-4.

Approved by NZ Transport Agency, Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) and specified in M23 – Appendix C, the HV2 BARRIER is the first and only unanchored steel barrier to successfully be crash tested to MASH TL-4. The patented hybrid technology and unique connectors allow this free standing, temporary longitudinal barrier system to offer high containment and low deflection, while remaining economical to transport and deploy.

  • Freestanding barrier (available for hire only)
  • Provides work-zone protection to temporary construction sites
  • High containment
  • Safe redirection
  • Superior deployment and retrieval
  • Barriers require no anchoring
  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for use with MASH SLED™ Crash Cushion
  • Durable, lightweight and economical to transport
  • Successfully tested: MASH TL-4
  • Listed in M23 – Appendix C
  • ASBAP: Approved
  • MASH TL-3 Deflection: 1.47m
  • Length: 5.8m
  • Height: 900mm
  • Width: 450mm
  • Weight 2088kg
  • Weight: 360kg per metre
  • Number which can be transported via semi truck: 10