X-350 Fully Re-directive Terminal End

The X-350 is the WORLDS FIRST fully re-directive guardrail terminal end that can be used in Median, Tangent or Flared (up to 1200mm) installations.

With the length of need starting at post 1, instead of post 3 (as in other terminals), the X-350 provides a greater length of protective barrier reducing the cost of installation. During end-on impacts, the X-350 absorbs energy at the impact head rather than transferring the resistance down the rail. Impact testing conducted at a 15° angle, showed the vehicle was re-directed and controlled instead of passing to the backside of the terminal.

As a result of further NCHRP 350 compliance crash testing on the X-350 Terminal End, the steel post X-350 Terminal Ends can also be installed at the higher height of 31” (787mm).

The increase of 85mm from the ‘standard’ installation height allows the NuGuard 31™ steel guardrail system to be terminated with an X-350 Steel Post Terminal End, without the need to have a height transition section over 2 lengths of W-section guardrail.

Click here for Installation Instructions.

X-350 Terminal End accessories

X-350 Plastic Front End Cover

The X-350 Plastic Front End Cover is available for both roadside and median terminal ends as an optional extra. This lightweight cover is ideal for use in urban areas where the X-350 ground strut and cables may be a trip hazard to members of the public. The X-350 Plastic Front End Cover can easily be fitted to new or existing installations of the X-350 Terminal End.

X-350 Nut Protectors

The X-350 Nut Protectors are available for all X-350 Terminal Ends. They protect pedestrians and cyclists from exposed splice bolt nuts and threads.

  • Approved to NCHRP 350 TL-3
  • Fully re-directive
  • Length of need (LoN) at post one
  • Improved vehicular control
  • Impact force held in tension - less chance of kinked rail
  • Little or no debris scatter
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • 3 x Standard highway rails 12 gauge
  • Impact head weighs only 25 kg’s
  • Designed & manufactured in NZ
  • Patented technology
  • Speed:100 kph NCHRP 350 TL-3
  • Length: 11.4m (3rails)
  • Offset: 0 - 1200mm (except for Median)
  • Install Height: 690mm or 790mm to suit guardrail system
  • Post 1: Steel
  • Posts 2 - 6: Breakaway timber or steel (Median is steel only)
  • Run out – 22.5m x 6m
  • LoN starts at Post 1
  • Max grade 10:1
  • Max deflection – 980mm
  • All steel components hot dipped galvanised

Technical Note

X-350 End Terminal installed in a trailing/exit location - Lapping of rail

When an X-350 End Terminal is installed in a trailing/exit location, where the terminal head is facing away from the direction the vehicle is travelling, the splice joins at rails 1, 2 and 3 of the terminal will be against the direction of traffic.

Please note this situation is different from the X-350 Terminal End being installed in a leading/entry location, where the terminal head is facing towards the vehicle, the rail then laps in the conventional way, in the direction of traffic.

To view X-350 Lap Direction Sketch click here (PDF 17.5KB).

Note: For any existing installations that have not been installed correctly the splice join to change is from rail 2 to 3 only.

If you require any further clarification of this detail please contact your local CSP Sales Engineer or Customer Services on 0800 655 200 or helllo@csp.co.nz.


The X-350 has been 100% designed and crash tested to NCHRP 350 TL-3 in NZ. Click here (PDF 1.15 MB) for FHWA TL-3 acceptance letter.

Listed as accecpted for use in NZ Transport Agency Specification M23 Appendix A