Connected Kerb Electric Car (EV) Charging Products


Creatively designed to fit existing street furniture such as parking posts or bollards, the Gecko connects either as a single or paired socket to a subterranean master charger unit, monitoring and controlling power flow to the socket and vehicle.

Our lowest visual impact solution is perfectly suited to on-street residential landscapes where its sympathetic design blends discreetly into the street scene.

The Gecko is designed for environments where EV staying time is lengthy, offering a 7kW to 22kW charge.


Our wall-mounted solution, the Limpet, is made from recycled tyres and is designed to fit onto existing wall structures. It connects in clusters of 5-10 sockets to a wall-mounted master charging unit, monitoring and controlling power flow to the socket and vehicle.

Durable, discrete and environmentally sympathetic, it is best suited for public/private below-ground and multi-storey car parks where ground-mounted solutions are less appropriate.

The Limpet is designed for environments where there is prolonged EV staying time, offering a 7kW charge.

  • Made from 80% recycled materials – Supporting a sustainable future the charging components are manufactured from recycled vehicle tyres and recycled plastic.
  • Electric vehicle mobility platform –An advanced software system is used that enables drivers to quickly and easily charge their vehicles.
  • Data connectivity between vehicle and home via 5G – The system can also be fitted with street level 5G repeater units, supported by fibre backbone and facilitating the swift adoption of 5G in residential environments, from car to street to pedestrian to house.
  • Anonymous data exchange –A secure, safe network protects the privacy of a users’ data. Every user will have a secure data silo that contains all user and transaction information.
  • Promotes IoT connectivity – By incorporating an ultra-fast data communication network that provides connectivity between vehicle, house and user.
  • Traffic and environmental sensors – The solution supports IoT sensors, providing surrounding environmental data, such as air quality levels, temperature and parking bay occupancy.
  • Connection: Type 2 universal socket
  • Charge Speed: 2kW-7kW, with ability to load balance across chargers in series
  • Voltage: 240v single and three-phase options
  • Compliance to Standards: Compliant to all relevant electrical safety, quality and continuity regulations and applicable
  • Safety: 30ma RCD, Type 3 surge protection, circuit breakers and glass fuse
  • Software: OCCP compliant
  • Data Connection: 3G and Ethernet, providing Wi-Fi connectivity of >300mbps
  • User Interface/Access: RFID / Mobile App provide Plug and Charge functionality. LED lights (Red, Blue, Green) delineate between functions