Water-Wall TL-1 Plastic Water Filled Barrier

The Water-Wall™ TL-1 Barrier is a durable side protective temporary crash barrier system that can be used in many situations, from protecting the public surrounding a construction site to work-zone safety on 50kph and below roads. The Water-Wall™ TL-1 Barrier connects directly to the SLED end treatment which negates the need to shield or flare the end of the barrier. The Water-Wall™ Barrier is economic and easy to install crash barrier system.

The Water-Wall™ TL-1 Barrier is also available for hire. This is an ideal temporary road barrier solution that meets NCHRP 350 Test Level 1 crash test criteria.

  • Approved to NCHRP 350 TL-1
  • Available for hire or purchase
  • Durable Polyethylene plastic
  • Double-wall knuckle design prevents breakage at hinge points
  • Hinge design allows for 30° pivoting at joins
  • 200mm fill hole with a plastic cap
  • Temporary Plastic Water-filled Barrier
  • Plastic water release cap at the bottom
  • Suitable for impact speeds up to 50 kph
  • Forklift slots for easy movement
  • Includes steel connecting pin allowing sections to be locked together
  • SLED End Treatment can be used to avoid having a shield or flare at the end of the barrier
  • NCHRP 350 Test Level 1 (TL-1)
  • Speed: 50kph or below
  • Height: 822mm
  • Width: 460mm at base
  • Effective length: 1854mm pin to pin
  • Overall Length: 1960mm
  • Empty Weight: 35kg
  • FIlled Weight: 500kg
  • Fill Capacity: 465 litres