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NEW Sound Wall  - “There’s just no comparison …”

Lightweight, durable, easy to install panels (from AIL, industry leaders in sound mitigation), Sound Wall is made from PVC and engineered for maximum sound reduction of environmental or ambient noise - such as traffic, manufacturing, industrial or commercial noise - for absorptive or reflective applications.
“This exciting new product fills a gap in the market and offers a multitude of advantages over a concrete panel,” says Steve Silby, National Specification Manager for CSP.

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CSPs New Sound Wall
CSP Quality & Sustainability

Quality and Sustainability  - what they mean to us

Our business is about keeping people safe not only on our roads but also our own teams when producing products for our customers, which is why quality is a way of life for everyone at CSP.
With sustainable development an accelerating trend that is vital to all humankind, it is important that we recognise the importance of a sustainable approach to our operations, which we do from raw materials through to the manufacture and distribution to our customers.

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NEW HV2 BARRIER - out and about in Auckland

Anyone living in Auckland right now will agree that there’s an awful lot of change going on around the city.
Chances are that as you are negotiating the large numbers of traffic redirections and orange cones, you will be passing many of the hundreds of hire barriers CSP has out on Auckland’s roads. In high demand is CSP’s new HV2 BARRIER – the first and only unanchored steel barrier to successfully be crash tested to MASH TL-4. 

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CSP HV2 Barrier
Portable Traffic Lights and Sentry II Water Cable Barrier

NEW Hire products now available …

Portable Traffic Lights (MPB 3400) is the new generation, NZ Transport Agency compliant, vehicle actuated portable traffic light. Featuring robust, proven German engineering it comes with a highly visible digital countdown timer.

MASH TL-3 Sentry II Water Cable Barrier is a perfect alternative to concrete barriers for traffic management in temporary work zones. Lighter than concrete, the MASH TL-3 Sentry II Water Cable Barrier requires no anchoring and is ideal for bridge-work. It also fits onto the MASH SLED™ Crash Cushion - without a transition.

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What's happening at CSP

  • More new products
  • Product availability
  • Our growing focus on sustainability at CSP

... and good things ahead as the government announces a capital injection into infrastructure spending.

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Neil Watson of CSP