27 February 2020

NEW Sound Wall - “There’s just no comparison ....”

Lightweight, durable, and easy to install, Sound Wall - from AIL, industry leaders in sound mitigation - is made from PVC and engineered for maximum sound reduction of environmental or ambient noise such as traffic, manufacturing, industrial or commercial noise for absorptive or reflective applications.

“This exciting new product fills a big gap in the market and offers a multitude of advantages over a concrete panel or wall,” says Steve Silby, National Specification Manager for CSP. “Sustainability is a major consideration when considering products for our range. So for this product to be 100% recyclable was a major plus. There are also great colour options and it’s fire, graffiti and fade resistant!”

Sound Wall offers a number of distinct advantages over concrete. “Concrete can be recycled but it’s very heavy to deal with and requires heavy crushing equipment to do so,” adds Steve. “There is also no regular painting regime required for these PVC panels. Concrete barriers, which have already been painted, will require a painting maintenance programme which can be costly and if not carried out regularly can mean they can look shabby. Whereas Sound Wall’s PVC panels will hold their colour and look good for longer.”

Steve explains that the installation of the Sound Wall products - Tuf-Barrier® (Reflective) and Silent Protector® (Absorptive) - is far easier than alternatives with no heavy lifting equipment required. He says this also works in reverse if and when the panels need reinstating or replacing.

“Another very cool option is the clear panel which will allow sunlight through and can protect a view if required while eliminating unwanted noise,” says Steve.

“I can’t speak more highly of the Sound Wall systems - Tuf-Barrier® (Reflective) and Silent Protector® (Absorptive). There’s just no comparison. Give me a call on 0800 655 200 and we can talk through the various options available and what would best suit your situation.”

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