03 April 2023

A few changes for the CSP Sales Team

“With the experience and expertise we have amongst our sales people, including the recent addition of poles specialist Jason Ford, it made sense to re-arrange the team’s areas of responsibility around their strengths,” says Patrick de Vos van Steenwijk - National Sales Manager for CSP.

“We have an extremely experienced and knowledgeable team who will now be specialising more on specific products. Not that they can’t help you with our whole range, but their focus will be more in line with their expertise. Below is a brief synopsis on each of us, our areas of specialty and how we can help.”

Patrick de Vos van Steenwijk - National Sales Manager

Patrick has led the sales team at CSP for a couple of years. “I oversee the sales team and support them where necessary,” says Patrick “I also have a focus on CSP’s key accounts. Please give me or one of our team a call if we can help in anyway.”

Ph: 021 310 473

Em: patrick.dvvs@csp.co.nz

Steve Silby - National Technical Specification Manager

Steve came to CSP from Laminex NZ back in 2019 and has been instrumental in directing customers and engineers to the products needed to make their projects a success. Although I tend to support customers with enquires aroundMulti-plate Structures, Sound Walls and Communication Masts over 15m, I am available to help customers across our range of products,” says Steve.

Ph: 027 327 7985

Em: Steve.Silby@csp.co.nz

Michael Beattie - Area Sales Manager (Barriers)

“I joined CSP almost five years ago after spending the previous 12 years in civil construction,” says Mike. “I enjoy the Barriers market as I get to talk to a range of people from management to designers and engineers, to installers. Concentrating on barriers is a natural fit for me, although I will still be able to help my customers with pole enquiries and anything else in our range.”

Ph: 027 522 7812

Em: Michael.Beattie1@csp.co.nz

Jason Ford, Area Sales Manager - South Island & Lower North Island (Poles)

Jason joined the CSP team in 2022 and is based in Christchurch. He has over a decade of experience in the Columns and Poles market. “I have my feet under the desk now and I am really enjoying my time at CSP,” says Jason. “With the re-arrange, my area of responsibility has extended to cover the Lower North Island as well as the South. I look forward to catching up with our customers in these areas.”

Ph: 027 227 9726

Em: jason.ford@csp.co.nz

Tammie McDowell, Area Sales Manager, Central North Island, Auckland and Northland

Tammie joined the team in 2022 bringing a wealth of experience having worked in the construction industry from the age of 18. Tammie’s area of responsibility for the Columns and Poles market now stretches from Northland to cover the Central North Island as well.

“I really enjoy working with the team at CSP and working with my customers,” says Tammie. “It’s a great place to work, with a knowledgeable and friendly team.”

Ph: 0273 215 498

Em: tammie.mcdowell1@csp.co.nz

Mark Hall, Technical Business Development Manager

A very experienced Business Development Manager, Mark has been with the CSP team for just over a year.

“I joined CSP as Technical BDM for our PowerStack product range - a 100% off-grid solar column,” says Mark “This product is exciting, especially in this time where awareness for sustainability and the environment is so much more on peoples’ minds.”


Ph: 027 27 328 1125

Em: Mark.Hall@csp.co.nz