27 February 2020

A word from Neil ....

The first few months of the year have been very busy for us here at CSP as we continue to push along the development and availability of a range of new hire, road barriers and pole products - to add to our offer for customers.

New products

Our new products that have come on line recently are being very well received and are now in use around the country. The new HV2 BARRIER is featuring on a lot of large projects - particularly in Auckland.

We have two more new hire projects now in stock - Solar Light Trailer and MASH TL-3 Sentry II Water Cable Barrier. Talk to our Hire team for more information.

We are very excited to introduce Sound Wall from AIL who are industry leaders in sound mitigation products - Tuff-Barrier® (Reflective) and Silent Protector® (Absorptive). We feel there has been a gap in the market for this type of product as it has a number of advantages over a concrete panel or wall. Talk to Steve Silby for more information on Sound Wall.

Sustainability … a growing focus

Recently CSP, as part of the Fletcher Steel group of companies, achieved carbonreduce™ certification.

carbonreduce™ is a programme, audited by ToitÅ« Envirocare, which helps businesses accurately measure their Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions, along with the addition of the significant Scope 3 emissions from suppliers of air travel, waste sent to landfill and freight.

This certification is part of our sustainability journey which is becoming an important part of our business and a growing consideration on all projects going forward.

Infrastructure spending

The recent announcement by the Government that they will be injecting $12 billion in extra infrastructure investment, with $6.8 billion for new transport projects, is heartening for our industry as it will certainly generate a pipeline of work over the next few years.

As always if you have any queries about any of our products or wish to discuss a particular project we are here to help – just give us a call.

Neil Watson