01 March 2019

An orange cone just isn’t enough...

Traffic cones - also called pylons, witches' hats, road cones, highway cones, safety cones, channelising devices or construction cones - are cone-shaped markers placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner – so says Wikipedia. But do they redirect traffic in a safe manner? They are not designed to stop an errant vehicle or protect roadside workers, they are designed to be delineation markers – and that's all they should be used for.

Don’t put your people or equipment at risk by relying on orange cones. Talk to us about our range of temporary barriers which are tested and approved for speeds up to 100kph – when installed correctly.

Water-Wall TL-1 Plastic Water Filled Barrier

  • These 100% polyethylene water-filled units are joined using a steel connector.
  • They provide work-zone protection to temporary construction sites.
  • They’re suitable for surrounding construction site work-zones on 50kph roads - TL-1.

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ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Water Filled Barrier

  • A durable plastic water-filled, side protective, crash barrier system.
  • They can be used in situations such as protecting the public surrounding construction site work-zones on 70kph roads -TL-2.
  • They are simple and easy to install with no special installation requirements.

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MASH TL-2 TrafFix Water Cable Barrier

  • TraFfix Water Cable Barrier MASH TL-2, is a plastic, water filled, portable barrier that provides positive protection to the work zone.
  • It is designed to redirect a vehicle and bring it to a controlled stop meeting the TL-1 and TL-2 requirements as a longitudinal barrier MASH.
  • It uses water dispersion in combination with moulded-in steel cables.

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  • Rapid deployment and retrieval
  • No ground anchoring required
  • Universal transition
  • Narrow footprint
  • Can be deployed on almost any road surface
  • Can be repositioned while filled with water via integrated fork lift ports
  • Shortest MASH TL-3 tested non-redirective, anchorless crash cushion.
  • Durable long-life parts
  • Approved for use in work zone locations

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Don't leave the safety of your people to chance by relying on an orange cone or by not filling the barriers, or not connecting them properly - or at all. Follow the proper installation instructions for peace of mind. Talk to us today about a temporary barrier solution to suit your needs.