09 June 2023

CSP ups their game - creating a Demand and Supply Chain Manager’s role

Starting in April this year Craig Seymour is the newest member of the CSP team and takes up the newly created role of Demand and Supply Chain Manager.

“We created this role with the desire to ensure our supply chain is optimised to meet the needs of our customers,” explains Neil Watson, Head of CSP.

“We then looked for the right person to fill this new position with Craig fitting the bill perfectly.”

Craig has close on 30 years’ experience in supply chain having worked throughout Australasia. He comes with a strong focus on the development of systems (ERP & BI tools) along with sales and operations process improvements. Craig explains that these areas of focus then support the manufacturing and sales functions in what is an ever increasing complex and competitive world.

“Prior to starting at CSP I worked within some very large multinationals like BP and Danone through to some small locally owned family companies with less than 20 employees,” says Craig. “This has created a broad understanding of how business works on all levels from being a jack of all trades to performing in some very specialist roles.”

“The function of this new role for CSP is ultimately to meet the customer delivery date requirement by creating strong communication, processes and bonds between Sales, Manufacturing and Logistics in the most efficient and safe methods possible.”

“After being in the role for a few weeks I can see that the CSP team has the heart of its customers in their DNA, while still maintaining a safe work environment for everyone.”