02 May 2024

CSP’s Sentryline- M® on show at Intertraffic

During April Neil Watson, Head of CSP and Mike Beattie, CSP’s road barrier specialist, attended the world’s largest traffic technology show and proudly showed off our New Zealand-designed and developed Sentryline-M Wire Rope Barrier System - one of the few systems worldwide tested and approved to MASH and EN1317.

“The world’s leading trade exhibition on mobility and traffic technology featuring the latest trends in infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, road safety and parking was the ideal place to showcase our Sentryline- M® Wire Rope Barrier System (WRBS),” said Neil Watson, Head of CSP prior to his departure for the event this month.

With 35,000+ attendees and 900 exhibitors from 14 countries, this was an opportunity for CSP to show off the New Zealand-designed and developed wire rope system Sentryline- M with the new Sentryline- M Pro Terminal End.

Being one of the few systems tested and approved worldwide to MASH and EN1317, Neil and Mike Beattie, CSP’s resident barrier expert, took a 10m section of Sentryline-M to Intertraffic to offer this system to new licensees / partners around the world.

“It was great to see so many people from the traffic industries from around the world visiting our stand," adds Neil. “We talked to New Zealand barrier installers and existing Sentryline-M licensee holders from South Africa and Australia. We also had the opportunity to talk to many companies that are interested in securing a license to manufacture and distribute the system from countries around the world.”


Currently, Sentryline- M® is available in Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. Check out the website at : www.Sentryline-M.com

For assistance contact CSP PH:0800655200 or EM: hello@csp.co.nz