09 June 2023

Fletcher Steel Celebrates 100 years in business

There is no denying that a century is an impressive milestone – especially in business. Since 1923 we have celebrated a multitude of successes, provided opportunities for growth both within our business and the industry as a whole, and our customers have been able to rely on us for 100 years – it is truly something we are proud of.

As part of Fletcher Steel, CSP has been a Fletcher Building business for more than 50 years and found its home, within Fletcher Building, when it became part of the trusted Fletcher Steel brand in 2019.

Did you know, 1923 was also the year New Zealand Breweries was established, that Katherine Mansfield died, insulin was first introduced as a treatment for diabetes and construction started on the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Fletcher Steel’s journey

Fletcher Steel’s journey began in 1923, as a job site in-service to ‘The Fletcher Construction Company’ as a then division of Fletcher Building, when they were building the Auckland University. A gang of nine steelworkers and one apprentice became the nucleus of what would be, by the 50s, the largest steel fabricating and sales company in New Zealand!

Due to the unprecedented demand in the construction industry during the 20s, Fletcher Building also formed Vulcan Engineering which was followed by the creation of Wellington Structural and Reinforcing Steel Company in 1936.

In 1941, Fletcher Building went on to purchase Stevenson and Cook Engineering Co Ltd (Port Chalmers) and Joseph Sparrow & Co Ltd (Dunedin), which promoted the expansion of steel services through Fletcher Building.

During the 50s a reinforcing and structural steel site (later known as Fletcher Reinforcing) was established in Christchurch. From there the business experienced significant growth and expansion.

By 1962 Fletcher Steel and Engineering Co Ltd were appointed the Armco (safety barriers) sales agency for New Zealand, which would later be renamed Corrugated Steel Products, CSP.

Fletcher Building, now equipped with various steel companies across New Zealand, officially established ‘The Steel Sector’ in 1983 which Fletcher Steel and Engineering Companies Ltd became a part of.

Five years later, Fletcher Steel and Engineering Co Ltd were renamed ‘Fletcher Steel Industries’.

“Fast track to 2023, Fletcher Steel is New Zealand's leading importer, distributor and processor of steel representing the Easysteel, Fletcher Reinforcing, CSP, Fletcher Wire Products, Dimond Roofing, Dimond Structural and Pacific Coilcoaters brands,” says Jasmin Pakura, of Fletcher Steel Marketing. “We are proud to be celebrating 100 years of service, legendary team members, customers and history. Thank you to all who have been a part of Fletcher Steel’s 100 - year journey.”