31 October 2018

Industry update : Bolt down change for NZ Transport Agency transition - RSB-5

In September 2018 NZ Transport Agency advised they were undertaking a complete review of all public domain standards for road safety hardware.

As part of the process they reviewed the standard NZTA Public Domain Thrie-Beam transition. The original RSB-5 details show ‘five’ M24 bolts to connect the Thrie-Beam Structure Connector Plate to the cast in bracket. Traditionally bolts supplied have been GR 4.6 Engineers bolts.

The current review has identified that for consistency with the AASHTO details, from which the NZ Transport Agency details are derived, the bolts should be at least equivalent to the AASHTO ‘FBX2b’ – a 22mm high strength Structural Bolt.

CSP has updated our stocks of bolts supplied with Thrie-Beam orders to a GR 8.8 bolt.

For the updated drawing showing the revised bolt size of GR 8.8 (FX461 r6.pdf) click here.

For more information on the change contact Julian Chisnall (National Traffic & Safety Engineer at NZ Transport Agency) on ph: 021 476 086 or email: julian.chisnall@nzta.govt.nz.