08 May 2019

Introducing the new Head of CSP – Neil Watson

We are very pleased to announce CSP has a new leader - Neil Watson.

“With the Fletcher Building realignment of CSP under the umbrella of the Steel Division, and Gemma returning to England for family reasons, it made sense for the two businesses to work more closely together and utilise the resources of the Steel Division,” explains Neil, who now wears two hats - Head of CSP and Head of Marketing for Fletcher Steel.

Neil emigrated to New Zealand from England 14 years ago and took on a position at Humes Pipelines where he stayed for five years before moving on to Laminex for a couple of years and then Fletcher Steel.

A Fletcher Building man, Neil says there are real synergies for CSP now they are part of the Steel Division, with support for innovation and marketing and a wide range of resources at hand.

“I have been in the CSP business just a short time but I can already see that we have a lot of irons in the fire,” says Neil. “With all the changes to MASH requirements and the Lantra training scheme our industry is undergoing a lot of change and we are certainly making progress toward our vision of supplying a comprehensive range of products and services to ‘Keep NZ Safe.’

“We are very excited to see the first of many new telecommunications poles leave our yard for delivery to the Rural Connectivity Group. As the programme ramps up our manufacturing team will be busy as we supply around 200 poles to this very worthwhile project.”

Whilst I’ve only been in the role a number of weeks, I am committed to continuing to build CSP’s credibility and relevance in the NZ market with a range of systems and services that both keep NZ safe and solve the challenges our customers face. I’m here to discuss how we can help your business - please don’t hesitate to call me if I can be of assistance.

We will have a lot to talk about during the year so stay tuned.