18 December 2023

Meet Sarah Lam – Product Design Manager

In July we were very pleased to welcome Sarah Lam to the CSP team as Product Design Manager,” says Neil Watson, Head of CSP. “This is a new role which we created to focus on the design process within CSP and work on system improvements to enhance our customers’ experience when ordering bespoke products. Sarah has an extensive background in engineering particularly for manufacturing businesses and will be a real asset to our team.”

Some background …

Sarah and her daughter Jessie.

“I embarked on my professional journey with a Bachelor of Engineering degree, majoring in Mechanical Engineering,” says Sarah. “Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work across various industries, each offering unique challenges and learning experiences. However my core expertise lies in engineering roles within the manufacturing sector. Here, I honed my skills in overseeing production processes, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring product quality.”

“In my role as Product Design Manager I am responsible for leading a dynamic team of engineers, overseeing product design processes, and ensuring the delivery of innovative and high-quality products for our customers.”

“Joining the CSP team has been a transformative experience for me,” adds Sarah. “Despite being new to this particular industry, I have found the learning curve to be incredibly rewarding. Every day presents a new opportunity to grow, learn, and contribute to our shared goals.”