01 March 2019

Much more than just a road barrier - Nu Guard PVB® - pedestrian protection as well

You may not be aware that CSP’s versatile Nu-Guard® PVB® has dual functionality as both a pedestrian and vehicle barrier. Derived from the proven highway guardrail system Nu-Guard ® 31, this barrier system provides protection for all road users for local authority roads where the posted speed limit is below 70kph – and it doubles as protection for pedestrians as well.

“The PVB system can be used in all sorts of situations that require vehicle and pedestrian protection,” says Nicky Young, Sales Manager for CSP. “We can provide a bolt-down option as well as the driven post version. We’re here to help if you have a situation that may benefit from this dual purpose system, so please get in touch.”

A few examples of Nu-Guard PVB® in action:

Nu-Guard® PVB® Steel Guardrail completes seismic protection measures at a Wellington college

In 2011 the Ministry of Education (MoE) reviewed the safety of many of the schools in the Wellington area and deemed a 90 year-old main classroom block of Wellington East Girls College as vulnerable, closing it down until further notice. In 2015 the MoE unveiled plans for the old block to be rebuilt whilst retaining the historic façade.

The improvements also included the replacement of a seismically unstable carpark with an engineered fill bank that provided additional land for the school. To complete the safety works CSP’s Nu-Guard® PVB® Steel Guardrail system was specified to safeguard vehicles and pedestrians from the steep new embankment.

Nu-Guard® PVB® helps fix problem intersection on SH2

For some time the Melling Interchange on SH2 in Lower Hutt had been a concern for locals as the intersection is in a 100kph speed zone. Worst fears were realised when, a few years ago, a motorist was seriously injured after her vehicle collided with the handrail barrier at the bottom of Tirohanga Road which runs off this section of highway.

The barrier was fitted with an X-350 Terminal End to improve the corner. But it needed to protect pedestrians as well so CSP’s Nu-Guard® PVB® Steel Guardrail was installed solving the problem and making the intersection safer for all.

CSP’s Nu-Guard® PVB® - a good choice

The Humphreys Drive and Ferry Road intersection in Christchurch is considered to be a main arterial for the city catering to approximately 30,000 vehicles over a typical day. Prior to improvements made to the intersection, 37 accidents were reported to police – predominantly involving vehicles turning right from Ferry Road.

Another major issue at the intersection was that vehicles travelling to or from Humphreys Drive were losing control on the bend. This issue was temporarily solved with the installation of guardrail at the intersection to offer some protection to vehicles themselves - and to the medical centre that was threatened by collision from out of control vehicles. This temporary measure was upgraded, during the recent intersection improvements, to CSP’s new Nu-Guard PVB Steel Guardrail System.

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