27 August 2020

NEW OmniStop™ Security Bollards - keeping people and property safe

The latest addition to the CSP® range of safety products are OmniStop™ Security Bollards from Saferoads Australia who have been pioneers in the public and road safety industry for over 25 years.

OmniStop™ Security Bollards can be used in numerous situations from protecting diners at kerb-side cafés and restaurants, communication assets from costly vehicle damage (which could cause disruption to households and businesses alike), workers on construction sites, loading docks, and pedestrians at shopping precincts and bus stops. OmniStop™ Security Bollards will prevent vehicle penetration and keep people and property safe.

“For many years the OmniStop™ Security Bollards have been installed all around Australia and have a reputation as a quality safety product which we are pleased to add to our range,” says Neil Watson, Head of CSP®. “We already had a very strong relationship with Saferoads in Australia and saw the introduction of OmniStop™ Security Bollards as a way of strengthening this relationship and being able to promote these high performing bollards here in New Zealand.”

Neil says that while there are a lot of bollard systems available in New Zealand very few have been tested to the level that Saferoads have with the OmniStop™ Security Bollards - and that really made them appealing.

“We wanted to be 100% confident in the level of safety provided,” adds Neil. “They will stop a vehicle travelling at up to 60kph, protecting pedestrians, cyclists and property. We are reassured of their performance and very happy to add this high performing product to our range of safety products.”

Some stock is available now in New Zealand but a wide range of colours and finishes is available, allowing for a 12 week lead time.

Some facts and figures

  • The OmniStop™ Bollard is an energy-absorbing bollard, crash-tested with impacts of up to 60 kph
  • The OmniStop™ Bollard has been extensively crash-tested with impacts up to 60 kph and complies with the requirements of AS/NZS3845:1999 Table 5.3.3(3)
  • The carbon steel bollard of the OmniStop™ is supported by a unique energy absorbing cartridge that is encased in a concrete footing. When the bollard is impacted, the cartridge deforms and absorbs the kinetic energy of the vehicle
  • When a 1600 kg vehicle traveling 60 kph impacts an OmniStop™ Bollard the bollard is designed to move no more than 300mm at the top. The cartridge can deform in any direction—hence the bollard’s name—allowing it to be located where it provides the best protection. After most impacts the inner cartridge can be replaced and the bollard itself reused
  • Designed and tested in Australia and now available in New Zealand
  • A growing number of local authorities across Australia have made it part of their outdoor dining policy that energy-absorbing bollards be installed to protect diners at cafés.

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