20 December 2013

NEW Product – ‘Cast In Insert’ – a new innovation

Inserts that had been used to bolt down CSP’s X-350 Terminal Ends and steel posts used on bridge retrofits to concrete beams were creating issues in the industry as they became loose when the epoxy would not easily adhere to the insert causing concerns for installers. CSP and Allied Fasteners have designed a new version that alleviates this potential issue.

"We worked with Phil Turner of Allied Fasteners to design an insert that is manufactured as a one-piece socket. It has a corrugated outside shape that helps with the keying requirements and holds the socket in place with the epoxy," says Will Young, Sales Engineer (Central North Island) for CSP.

“The previous insert would sink too far into the bore hole and epoxy whereas the insert has a flanged top which holds the socket in place. This new innovation is far more efficient and reliable.”

The new Cast in Socket comes as a kit and includes the neck bolt. It is the only tested unit in the market accepted by New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

Please note: Previous versions of CSP’s insert have not been tested or approved by New Zealand Transport Agency.

NZTA Letter of Acceptance >