25 February 2014

NEW Product – Further development to ‘cast in bracket’

In the last issue of Road Rave we talked about issues arising from inserts used to bolt down CSP’s X-350 Terminal Ends and steel posts used on bridge retrofits to concrete beams. CSP and Allied Fastenings have worked together to design a new version ‘cast in insert’ to overcome these issues.

The new one-piece insert has now been developed a step further and adapted for the standard cast in bracket to be used across a wider range of applications, including bridge posts and the Armorwire bolt down post. “We have worked with CSP to develop a proprietary system which is modular and therefore interchangeable across a range of ‘cast in bracket’ installations. The process involves providing all parts as assembled kits to mitigate the risk of components not being compatible on the work site,“ says Phil Turner, Managing Director for Allied Fastenings.

The new ‘cast in bracket’ comes as a kit and includes the neck bolt. It is the only tested proprietary unit in the market accepted by New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). CSP has exclusive rights to the new ‘cast in bracket’ design.

If you have any queries regarding the new ‘cast in bracket’ Email: cspcustomerservices@csppacific.co.nz
or Phone: 0800 655200.