05 June 2020

NEW theft-proof battery protection for Variable Messages Signs

To prevent the theft of batteries used in Variable Message Signs (VMS) from CSP®, which are in use on workzones throughout the country, new theft-proof battery boxes have been designed and fitted to the units.

“We have had a number of batteries stolen from our VMS signs over the years,” explains David Russell, Business Development Manager – Hire for CSP®. “It creates a major inconvenience for ourselves and customers when a sign they are relying on to keep a workzone safe becomes inoperable. Not only is the cost to replace the battery significant but the time lost for ourselves and our customer was just not acceptable.”

“The development of the battery box makes the theft of the batteries significantly more difficult and we hope will prevent inconvenience for everyone,” says Jeff Berriman, North Island Manager – Hire for CSP®. “It became very noticeable during the lockdown, and the restrictions that were imposed, when a battery was stolen.”

“The boxes have been made from solid, high tensile steel designed to resist being cut by lithium battery powered cut off discs,” adds David. “They also have fully enclosed security locks which cannot be cut through.”

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