28 February 2018

Nu-Guard® 31 Guardrail Systems – Reminder re post height change

In December CSP advised of a change in the height of the Nu-Guard® 31 post with the top of the post now located 10mm below the top of the guardrail panel.

Please note that as of December 2017 all installations of Nu-Guard® 31 must be installed as per this configuration change.

The components of the system and the installation method remain the same and the height of the rail is still 635mm to the centre. Only the height of the post has changed – it has been lowered from 812mm to 780mm. The post bolt never sits at the bottom of the post slot.

Click here for the updated manual and updated checklist.

Existing installations of Nu-Guard® 31 can be retrofitted to the new post height by simply reducing the post height from 812mm to 780mm. The retrofit instructions are on page 22 of the revised manual.

Please note the Barrier Field manual will be updated soon.