20 December 2013

Technical Reminder - Orientation of the Slider Bracket on the X-350 Terminal End

The X-350 Terminal End is the world’s first fully re-directive guardrail terminal end that can be used in Median, Roadside Tangent or Flared (up to 1200mm) installations. The X-350 is available in both timber and steel post options.

The steel post X-350 can be installed at the higher height of 31” (787mm). The increase of 85mm from the ‘standard’ installation height allows the Nu-Guard 31™ steel guardrail system to be terminated with an X-350 Steel Post Terminal End without the need to have a height transition section over two lengths of W-section guardrail.

With the length of need starting at post 1 rather than post 3 (as with other terminals) the X-350 provides a greater length of protective barrier, reducing the cost of installation. During end-on impacts the X-350 absorbs energy at the impact head rather than transferring the resistance down the rail.

As with any highly engineered road safety device, for the X-350 to work as designed and tested, it must be installed correctly. A common installation mistake is the orientation of the slider bracket located at the front end of rail 2 at post 3. The angle bar end of the slider bracket must be closest to the impact head end. See photos below of the slider bracket installed correctly.

To ensure correct installation of this X-350 component from February 2014 all X-350 Terminal End slider brackets will have a sticker placed on the front face of the slider bracket.

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