20 December 2016

Technical Talk – Updated TAN on Wire Rope Safety Barrier post footings

The NZ Transport Agency has updated their Technical Advice Note (TAN), TAN #16-01 (released in February 2016) ‘Wire Rope Safety Barrier Systems – post footing issues’, as TAN #16-18.
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This update is a clarification of the original version of the TAN and immediately replaces that document. Note that this update does not vary the NZ Transport Agency’s original requirements.
As in previous notices this TAN discusses the issues arising with Wire Rope Safety Barrier (WRSB) post footings not being a suitable size for the site’s soil conditions. For a WRSB to perform as designed and tested, there needs to be adequate foundation support.

CSP has all the relevant information for both the Armorwire and Brifen Wire rope safety barrier systems to enable the installation designer to comply with the TAN requirements.

This includes:

  • Post foundation for use in standardised soil conditions.
  • The horizontal force at a nominated height so the installation designer can design a site specific foundation when soils vary from standard.
  • Static pull test procedure to test that the foundation installed is fit for purpose.

For more information contained in the TAN contact Julian Chisnall or Stuart Fraser of the Highways and Network Operations’ Safety team.

For more information about Brifen Wire Rope System click here and Armorwire Cable Barrier get in touch:
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