28 August 2015

X-350 Terminal End - ensuring the gap between slider and angle bracket is correct

When installing the X-350 Terminal End ensure there is a 25mm gap between the angle bar and the slider. The purpose of the gap is to avoid excessive overlaps between guardrails #1 and #2 on the terminal end. While this gap requirement is not a system performance issue, it can lead to an assembly issue as the cables may become too long or short to be tightened correctly.

When installing an X-350 start with the Angle Bar hard up against the Slider during assembly. When the cables are tightened, firstly when the Locking Bar is fully turned, and secondly by removing the cable sag when tightening at the cable bracket at Post #7, a small gap of approximately 25mm will open up between the Angle Bar and the Slider.

There is however an installation tolerance for this gap, from 25mm up to a maximum of 70mm. There is a 70mm limit on the width of this gap can be due to the cable grip thread length on the cables. The cables must be able to be tightened correctly so the thread is fully engaged in the cable bracket near post#7. A gap bigger than 25mm and up to a maximum of 70mm will not affect the performance of the X-350 for either re-directive or head-on impacts.

Currently the slider installation guide stickers state a requirement for a 25mm gap. CSP will be revising these stickers to state a 25 to 70mm tolerance in the next print run.

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