ABSORB 350® Crash Cushion

The ABSORB 350® Crash Cushion is a water-filled, non-re-directive, gating crash cushion that is approved to NCHRP Test Level 1, 2 and Test Level 3 criteria. It attaches to either portable, permanent or moveable concrete and steel barriers.

The ABSORB 350® is also available for Hire. This is an ideal temporary road barrier solution that meets NCHRP 350 TL-3 Crash test Criteria.


Key benefits of ABSORB 350® crash cushion are:-

  • Available for hire or purchase
  • Approved to NCHRP 350 TL-2 & TL-3
  • Low cost
  • Lightweight modular design
  • Exceptional portability and highly visible
  • Post impact clean up, simple and cost effective
  • Water added on site
  • Lengths to suit the posted speed
  • No anchor to road surface, simplifying installation
  • No special lifting equipment required
  • Attaches to temporary concrete or steel barriers

NCHRP 350, TL-3

  • Speed: 100kph
  • Length: 9.70m
  • Elements: 9
  • Height: 0.82m
  • Width: 0.61m
  • Weight: 39kgs empty / 317kgs filled

NCHRP 350, TL-2

  • Speed: 70kph
  • Length: 5.70m
  • Elements: 5
  • Plastic components formulated for long-term outdoor use
  • Volume 265 litres water/unit
  • Structural elements galvanised

Certified to NCHRP Report 350 – Test Level 2 & Test Level 3. Go to this link and select NCHRP Report 350 Hardware and search in Crash cushions.

FHWA Acceptance letters

NZTA Letter of Acceptance