Aluminium Dur-A-Span® Culvert

Corrugated aluminium plate culverts have been used around the world for over 60 years and are a proven option for many civil infrastructure applications. Aluminium Dur-A-Span® is manufactured from marine-grade aluminium alloy, 5052-H34, offering a design life of over 75 years in most environmental conditions in New Zealand and are ideally suited for saltwater and aggressive soil applications where rustproof buried arch bridges, culverts or drainage structures are required.

Increasingly, these corrosion-resistant culverts are chosen over their precast concrete drainage pipe counterparts on overall performance and cost. Aluminium has a tough, self-healing oxide surface film that reforms immediately if it is mechanically damaged or corroded in an aggressive environment like saltwater or harsh soils. This makes Aluminium Dur-A-Span® corrosion-resistant buried arch bridges and culverts virtually maintenance-free, with a design service life of over 75 years.

Aluminium Dur-A-Span® buried arch bridges and culverts are usually supplied as open-bottom and are an environmentally friendly solution, promoting fish passage through the bridge construction period and beyond. Box culverts are used primarily when height is limited as they can accept low cover heights. They also offer generous clearance boxes and hydraulic flow properties.

Easy installation

The ease of installation of Aluminium Dur-A-Span® culverts offers very real benefits to specifiers in both normal and difficult situations. The easily handled corrugated plate system can be erected on-site - an ideal solution for remote areas where access is difficult - or delivered to site fully assembled if access and transport regulations allow and where fast job completion is vital. Aluminium Dur-A-Span® culverts derive their strength through interaction of the surrounding backfill.

Note: CSP’s Aluminium Dur-A-Span® is not a stocked item. A lead time for manufacture can be provided following the design and consultation process.

Please contact Steve Silby for more information:
Steve Silby – National Specification Manager

+64 27 327 7985

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Corrosion/abrasion-resistant solid aluminium alloy structural plate ideal for saltwater and aggressive soil environments
  • Recommended for sites with corrosive soil and/or water
  • Performance proven in over 15,000 installations internationally
  • Bottomless designs are more environmentally friendly
  • Can reline older structures
  • Designed and manufactured to National Standards ISO 9001
  • Spans can reach up to 12.2m
  • Corrugation profile of 230mm pitch x 64 mm depth
  • Available in: Box Culverts, Standard or High Profile Arches, Rounds, Horizontal Ellipses, Pipe Arches and Pear Shaped

Note: Design and supervision should be conducted by an experienced engineer. The site engineer is to ensure that assumptions made at the design stage are present on-site and that backfilling is in accordance with the specification.


Design, manufacture and Installation requirements for Aluminium Dur-A-Span® are specified in AS/NZS 2041: Buried Corrugated Metal structures. This is a joint Australian and New Zealand Standard and has several parts. Those applicable to Aluminium Dur-A-Span® are as follows:

  • AS/NZS 2041.1:2011 Buried Corrugated Metal Structures - Part 1 Design Methods
  • AS/NZS 2041.2:2011 Buried Corrugated Metal Structures - Part 2 Installation Methods
  • AS/NZS 2041.6:2011 Buried Corrugated Metal Structures - Part 6 Bolted Plate Structures