Portable Traffic Lights (MPB 3400)

The MPB 3400 is the new generation NZ Transport Agency compliant, vehicle actuated portable traffic light. Featuring robust proven German engineering, with a highly visible digital countdown timer, the MPB 3400 traffic light has been designed as a ‘Set and Go’ system and comes with an ‘Emergency Quartz’ back up feature which ensures no noticeable interruptions for vehicle traffic if signal transmission between the lights fails.

In the background, via Emergency Quartz mode, lights will continue to establish radio communication. Once the radio communication has been re-established, the lights will revert back automatically to Radio mode.

Able to operate 24 hrs/day the MPB 3400 will save money whole keeping workers and the public safe.

Please note: Emergency Quartz mode is only activated on a One Way installation.

  • MPB 3400 can manage ‘One Way’, ‘3 Way’ and ‘4 Way’ installations
  • Two modes - Radio or Cable and Quartz mode
  • Highly visible digital countdown timer
  • Easy set up
  • Low maintenance
  • Approved by NZ Transport Agency
  • Time tested, reliable German technology
  • Can be remote controlled from up to 800m
  • Increased safety in lieu of manual traffic controllers
  • Increased cost savings when compared to manual traffic controllers
  • Can operate 24 hrs/day