Ultra-Cor® Bridge

Ultra-Cor® Structural Steel Plate is taking engineered buried arch bridges to new dimensions in capability and performance. With an impressive 500 mm pitch and 237 mm depth, Ultra-Cor’s ultra-deep corrugations allow it to reach buried arch bridge spans of over 35 m and withstand the heaviest of loads.

Ultra-Cor’s galvanised steel plate combines all the advantages of lightweight construction with previously unheard-of strength and durability to create the largest buried arch bridges, tunnels, box culverts and many other types of structures. Like all engineered arch bridge solutions, Ultra-Cor® ships and installs easily.

Recommended for large bridges, tunnels, grade separations, road or rail overpasses, stream crossings, heavy haul road crossings, stockpile tunnels, portals and canopies.

Note: CSP’s Ultra- Cor® is not a stocked item. A lead time for manufacture can be provided following the design and consultation process.

Please contact Steve Silby for more information:
Steve Silby – National Specification Manager

+64 27 327 7985

  • The strongest corrugated steel plate is available
  • Handles extreme loadings
  • Easy to ship and install for remote locations
  • Long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free
  • Bottomless designs are more environmentally friendly
  • Available with a variety of footing and headwall/wingwall options
  • Available with tested and approved protective coating systems
  • Designed and manufactured to National Standards ISO 9001
  • Spans can exceed 35m
  • Stockpile heights can reach greater than 30m
  • Corrugation profile of 500 mm pitch × 237 mm depth
  • Available in: Box Culverts and Standard, Low, Medium or High Profile Arches

Note: Design and supervision should be conducted by an experienced engineer. The site engineer is to ensure that assumptions made at the design stage are present on-site and that backfilling is in accordance with the specification.


Design, manufacture and installation requirements for Ultra-Cor® are specified in AS/NZS 2041: Buried Corrugated Metal structures. This is a joint Australian and New Zealand Standard and has several parts. Those applicable to Ultra-Cor® are as follows:

  • AS/NZS 2041.1:2011 Buried Corrugated Metal Structures - Part 1 Design Methods
  • AS/NZS 2041.2:2011 Buried Corrugated Metal Structures - Part 2 Installation Methods
  • AS/NZS 2041.6:2011 Buried Corrugated Metal Structures - Part 6 Bolted Plate Structures