Crash tested OmniStop™ Bollards from CSP® protect pedestrians in Blenheim

A seemingly unremarkable roundabout costing Marlborough District Council (and Blenheim’s ratepayers) in the vicinity of $555,000 a year gets a revamp with OmniStop™ Bollards

The roundabout at Weld Street and Alabama Road in Blenheim has been costing Marlborough District Council (and Blenheim’s ratepayers) in the vicinity of $555,000 a year in ‘annual trauma’, Accident Compensation Corporation claims and rehabilitation costs due to 14 reported crashes (three including pedestrians) at the roundabout since 2015.

However, a project to raise the roundabout and install OmniStop™ Ultra Security Bollard’s from CSP® at the corners of the roads is set to change that, slowing vehicles down and protecting cyclists and pedestrians from errant vehicles.

Various options to improve the safety of the roundabout were considered, including raising the crossings on each roundabout leg to form pedestrian platforms in the hope this would slow cars down, focusing drivers on people using the crossings and limiting the severity of crashes. But the tighter turn would be more challenging for trucks and the ramps would increase noise for local residents.

“Raising the height of the roundabout and including our OmniStop™ Ultra Security Bollard’s which are one of the few security bollards available that have been crashed tested for small to medium vehicles (up to 1600kgs) travelling at 60kph has been a cost-effective and safe option for NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) who administer roading in the region through Marlborough Roads,” says Chris Silcock, Area Sales Manager, South Island, CSP®.

“The installation of the OmniStop™ Ultra Security Bollard’s was very simple,” says Tim McCombe, Contracting Divisional Manager for Fulton Hogan Blenheim, who were tasked with the installation. “We hydrovac'd the hole, installed the steel cage, poured the concrete and installed the bollards. Job done.”


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Marlborough District Council


Fulton Hogan



DateDecember 2021