CSP’s products add finishing touches to the last leg of Hamilton’s ring route

Motorists traveling on the completed sections of the Waikato Expressway can now skip Hamilton’s city traffic with the Hamilton section of the Waikato Expressway finally complete. After nearly 40 years Hamilton’s ring road is finished with the last piece of the puzzle - the Wairere Drive extension - officially blessed in July, bringing to an end a project that started in the 90s.

Completing the Wairere Drive Extension required several safety features from CSP to be installed, including the Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Barrier, in median and side of road installations, UNIVERSAL TAU-M™ Crash Cushion and a considerable quantity of W-Beam and transitions.

“We were asked to install CSP’s Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Barrier, the W-Beam barrier and all the ends on the Wairere Drive extension project,” says Mark Cooksley, Regional Manager for Directionz. “It was the first installation we had performed for the two new Mash products the Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Barrier and the UNIVERSAL TAU-M™ so we welcomed the help and support Mike Beattie from CSP gave us on site as it helped to have someone there with a base knowledge of the systems. The conditions were tricky in places but it all went together well.”

“We finally finished the Wairere/Cobham project with Directionz in mid July just ready for the blessing and opening,” says Michael Beattie, Area Sales Manager for CSP. “I just want to thank our manufacturing team, actually all of CSP, for getting the Sentryline-M bolt-down posts made, galvanised, powder coated and hand-delivered in record time. We supplied all the guardrail components for this job including two UNIVERSAL TAU-M™, which Sandip Kerai our Project Engineer, designed bespoke transitions for. Apart from receiving a few blisters for helping Directionz with their first install of our Sentryline-M System, all went well.”

The Ring Road – Wairere Drive Extension project provides the final connection of the Hamilton Ring Road between Cambridge Road and Cobham Drive. It includes a full grade-separated interchange, with Cobham Drive raised to allow Wairere Drive to pass underneath. A shared walking and cycling paths are provided, connecting to the Hamilton Gardens, Te Awa cycleway and surrounding parks and reserves. The interchange provides connections for all transport modes to the new Waikato River Bridge.


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Wairere Drive Extension