Specialised coating a requirement for poles for RDLC

Councils across the country are responsible for developing, maintaining, and operating a large network of local roads, in their purview, to deliver infrastructure, public transport and services. The maintenance of these networks also falls to the individual Councils and includes the supply of safe, cost-effective street lighting for ratepayers, residents and road users.

Rotorua District Lake Council (RDLC) has, like many Councils in recent years, moved towards the replacement of the old-style halogen luminaries, which only have a life expectancy of 4 years, to new LED luminaires with a life expectancy of 20 years, to reduce costs. Amongst this work is the constant review of the structural integrity of existing lighting poles.

McKay hold the maintenance contract for approximately 4,500 streetlights illuminating Rotorua’s streets at night. Their responsibility … to remediate after a crash, and to replace poles that are at the end of their life span before they become a safety hazard.


Special coating extends life expectancy of lighting poles

Thermal vents, hot springs and other features in geothermal areas can release sulphur-containing gases such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). These gases can be aggressive towards susceptible building and construction materials.

“Any poles that need replacement in our region do require a ‘carbomastic*’ painted coating on top of the galvanising,” explains Elisabeth (Lily) Smith, Streetlight Manager for the BOPI. “CSP are one of our suppliers for lighting poles for the RDLC. This coating is part of the specification required by them.”

“We’re definitely happy with the service CSP gives us for the supply of these poles,” says Lily. “I can call Mike Beattie with what I need, and he sorts it out for me.”

*Carbomastic 615 is a high-performance epoxy that has excellent resistance to fresh and salt water exposures. This coating exhibits outstanding moisture and surface tolerance during application, low temperature cure capability, and very fast cure response for quick return to service. It contains an inert flake reinforcement (micaceous iron oxide) to enhance film strength and performance. This product is ideal for industrial or heavy-duty marine environments for the protection of steel against salt laden environments.