A huge lighting improvement

The floodlights used on the sports grounds at Massey University have been in dire need of replacement for some time with two of them on a severe lean and quite possibly at risk of falling over.

“The Massey Rugby Club, who also use the grounds, were awarded a grant which contributed to the cost of replacing the lighting columns and upgrading the lighting before one of them did fall over,” says Richard Jackson, Engineering Manager, Facilities Management for Massey University. “Unfortunately we have a restricted power supply to these grounds and at this stage we were only able to replace four of the existing 12m columns with CSP’s 16.2m Floodlight Columns.”

Once the power supply to this part of the University is bolstered further columns will be installed on the balance of the grounds. “Although we only have four columns installed at this stage the players have commented that there is a huge improvement in the light emitted to the grounds,” says John Whitehead on behalf of Massey Rugby Club. “We are really happy with the result.”

The lamps fitted to the new 16.2m columns have new Philips lighting heads which can now be controlled by a touchscreen interface lighting controller from the Recreation Centre. “Everything is fully automated which is far superior to the old lighting system we used,” adds John.

“With the new columns we are using power more efficiently in that we can now direct the light at the areas of the grounds that we need it,” says Gary Mack, Grounds Manager for Massey University. “CSP were pretty good to deal with and we are really happy with the first stage of the upgrade. Once we have the power issue sorted we will be contacting them again for the replacement of further columns on the grounds.”

Customer:Massey University
Contractor:Dwyer Tech
Location:Massey University sports grounds
Product:4 x 16.2m heavy duty ground planted floodlight columns with ST2 crossarms
DateOctober 2012

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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