Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

The Whanganui Redevelopment Contract is on the list of shovel ready infrastructure projects that was submitted by the Whanganui District Council to the government for funding and fast tracked to help boost the local economy - post COVID-19.

Downer Whanganui, part of the Whanganui Alliance, were given funding to start various projects along Whanganui River Road, which included the retrofitting of six bridges. This work included new road safety barrier on the approaches to the bridges and new bridge barrier on the bridges themselves – to upgrade the safety level of the bridges and prevent motorists from running off the road and causing injury - or worse.

“At this stage we have completed four of the six bridges,” says Brent Holmes, Roading Manager for Whanganui District Council (WDC). “With the next round of funding we will be able to get Downer and CSP® to complete the other two bridges.”

“There was nothing overly difficult in the safety barrier we supplied for the retrofits of the four bridges,” says Michael Beattie, Area Sales Manager for CSP®. “But Downer has done a great job and these old bridges now look particularly good and, more importantly, are much safer. It is nice to see funding going into the river road as it has become a lot busier in recent times.”

“We have installed the guardrail on four bridges so far,” says Roger McLeay, Road Safety Engineer for Downer New Zealand. “It went very well and Michael Beattie from CSP® has been very helpful and easy to deal with. We look forward to completing the job for WDC once the next round of funding has been approved.”

With an increase in land use and logging traffic on the Whanganui River, when work is completed the road will provide much improved and safer access for communities on the river.

Location:Whanganui River Road
Product:Bridge Railing
DateDecember 2020

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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