A night time glow

The high number of night time crashes along State Highway 22 between Drury and Pukekohe prompted New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) to consider ways to improve the safety of this rural highway. With 13 injury crashes on the highway in a four-year period – one person killed, two seriously injured, and 10 receiving minor injuries – funding for the installation of lighting columns was approved.

123 of CSP’s Oclyte™ Streetlight columns were installed with new high-tech LED (light emitting diode) lights in a trial by NZTA to test a new generation of light for use on the country's state highway network.

“We couldn’t use standard columns for this project as the LED lighting system being used required the columns to be 11m,” said Craig Kitchen, Area Sales Engineer Auckland – Columns for CSP. “The outreach also had to allow for no tilt as the LEDs were fitted flat at 0 degrees, so the columns were made to order.”

“Craig from CSP pulled a few strings to ensure we had all the columns when we needed them which we really appreciated,” said Paul Kriletich, Lighting Manager for Fulton Hogan Lighting & Power. “They pulled out all the stops to help and after a four month installation timeframe we were able to flick the switch for the first time on 12 September.”

“LED lights have the potential to deliver safety, environmental – example being no upward light (commonly called skyglow) and cost benefits for drivers, communities and the NZTA,” adds Paul.

Benefits from using LEDs include:

Environment: Light pollution is reduced. LEDs have a more natural white light with lower ambience or surrounding "spill" compared with traditional yellow lights.

Costs: LEDs last longer (possibly up to 20 years compared with 6 years for a standard lamp); power usage is considerably lower; maintenance and cleaning costs are reduced.

Efficiency: Light from LEDs spreads more evenly across a highway or pavement.

Principle:New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)
Contractor:Fulton & Hogan Lighting and Power
Lighting Supplier:Advanced Lighting
Consultant:BECA Consultants
Location:Drury to Pukekohe - SH22
Product:Oclyte™ Streetlight columns
DateSeptember 2012

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