ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barrier comes and goes at Brown Owl

New subdivisions in Upper Hutt have prompted serious safety concerns for residents who are often required to walk on the road due to a lack of footpaths. This was the case in Brown Owl on SH2 where, after many submissions from the public, the Upper Hutt City Council commissioned work to create a footpath and cycleway for use by local residents. When completed it will also improve visibility for motorists at the northern entrance to the city.

With considerable earth works required to carve out the bank sufficiently to create a walk and cycleway, contractors Linked Earthworks were happy when Establishment Management Services (EMS) hired CSP’s ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barrier to protect the work zone while their people worked on the active state highway.

“It was really important that we create a safe work zone for anyone working on this site,” said Jason Severn, Project Manager for EMS. “Because it is quite narrow there wasn’t enough room, using cones, to create a safe work zone. With CSP’s ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barrier, which are the only NCHRP350 TL-2 compliant barriers available in Wellington, The Linked Earthworks team were able to work on the other side of the barrier. With the huge disruption to the bank it also prevented debris from falling down onto the road way during the night.”

“Stage one of the project was to dig out the bank sufficiently along Brown Owl so that the footpaths could be joined up and to also to create a cycle path,” said Craig Charleton, Managing Director of Linked Earthworks Ltd. “Although we were operating a ‘stop and go’ it was great to have the ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barrier to keep my team safe.”

The barriers have been temporarily removed while approval is granted by the council to complete the work on Brown Owl and then once again CSP’s ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barrier will be returned to the work site for the completion of the project to ensure everyone is kept safe.

Principle:Upper Hutt City Council
Contractor:Linked Earthworks Ltd
Customer:Establishment Management Services
Location:SH2 Brown Owl, Upper Hutt
Product:ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barrier
DateAugust 2012

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